The demand for senior experienced interim management is driven by two trends.
The first is the increasingly rapid pace of change in the competitive environment, locally
and internationally. The second is the need for business enterprises to keep their core
teams lean and minimise costs.

This combination of factors can often lead to a need for senior assistance in leading
and driving change.

EIM has long held the belief that the best predictor of an executive’s capability to drive
change lies in his or her track record, simply, that they have done it successfully before.

EIM provides a disciplined approach to understanding the demands and guiding the
process of applying the right experience to solve clients’ issues.

That is why we insist on being the principal in the contract with our client,
not just to find an Interim Executive, but to deliver results.

  • We work closely with candidates and clients to ensure the key deliverables are clearly defined and met on time
  • We have access to a worldwide team of highly skilled executives available at short notice. Our objective is to ensure you stay productive and competitive
  • We use an effective approach to solving urgent operational business issues
    and achieving set objectives
  • Clients are assured of an independent and objective perspective
    from our business professionals
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